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Movie Prop - The Addams Family (1991)

While the old 1960's Addams Family TV show employed a genuine self-winding stock ticker from the 1920's, producers of the 1991 movie opted for a hand-made prop. It appears a few times in the background of Gomez' study, beginning about 10 minutes into the film.

In lieu of a pedestal, the ticker rests upon a double-wide walnut file cabinet. But Gomez never approaches it, so we don't get a good look at it's components. However, the prop did come up for auction in 2006 with a few grainy pictures and a big reserve (which was not met).

Afterward, while mining through my photo archive, I found that this Hollywood ticker also appeared on television in 1982. Camping in the woods, reluctant Flora Simpson Reilly (played by Anne Francine) hates being off-the-grid, and we discover she's brought along a "portable" stock ticker to check on the latest stock quotations.

Promotional photo, NBC-TV, March 26, 1982. Harper Valley PTA (TV Series), Season 2, Episode 28 (Grizzly Gap), air date April 17, 1982 (8-8:30 p.m. EST).

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Movie Prop - The Addams Family (1991)


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