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Make a Wooden Pedestal Base to Replace a "Missing" Iron Base

A few years ago, I obtained seven Western Union tickertape stands from one source (sorry, they're sold).

But all seven were missing their original bases.

Luckily, I knew a collector that had some extra bases.

He got three or four from a farmer, who was using the pedestal bases as stepping stones to his porch (YIKES!!).

The collector needed a couple for himself and had two to spare.

So we swapped one stand for one base, and each got a complete pedestal out of the deal.

I traded another stand to a different collector, for an original glass dome that I needed.

That left me with one whole, and four baseless, pedestals.

Figuring it would take me a decade to track down four more iron bases, I decided to make my own out of wood.

I was quite happy with the result. Although not historically accurate, it's more attractive than a baseless stand.

It was rather easy to do (and undo), and somewhat resembled an NYQ Pedestal.

I simply made a square block out of 2x6's about 1-1/2" wider than the widest part of the pedestal bottom.

Then used a flat 1x12 on top, cut into a square equal to the widest dimensions of the pedestal bottom.

Next, I put trim around to cover the 1x12, and added baseboard around the 2x6's.

After staining and finishing, the base can be screwed or bolted to a pedestal, using existing brackets, and easily removed.

I did this for 3 of the 4 remaining stands. Naturally, I informed the buyers that the bases were not original.

The last stand came to me in pieces. The seller thought it would be easier to ship if disassembled into 20 pieces (STOP IT!!).

Before I got around to putting it back together, a collector contacted me looking for a stand, and said he was good at woodworking.

I sold him the last stand at a discount, labeled the pieces for reassembly, and offered the instructions above for making a base.

Here is his finished pedestal.

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